What Our Clients Say



"Dan and Neha listed my home in Shaugnessy and had it sold in 16 days to a direct buyer. I was very impressed with how they handled all aspects of the sale, from assisting with the showcasing/staging of the home to having the home ready for possession by the new owners. They are an excellent, talented and proficient team. I can’t imagine ever using anyone else."
~ W. Mitchell

“Too many realtors spend time and money on adverts simply promoting themselves. I find flashy bus banners and benches with pictures egotistical.......more sizzle than steak. That’s why I like Dan & Neha, a solid professional approach with the knowledge and talent to back it up. Thier focus is on results. Dan found me a buyer for my Point Grey home in a matter of days. No song and dance, just results.”
~ Ross J, Vancouver

“When our home did not sell after being on the market for over 180 days we decided to talk to other agents. Dan was one of them. He told us exactly why our property was not selling, but we were in denial and chose not to accept his suggestions and ended up listing with a local “hot shot.” After another 180 days of smoke and mirrors and empty promises, we took our property off the market. We contacted Dan again and this time took his advice. 48 days later our home was sold. Had we listened to Dan the first time we would not have wasted six months. He really knows his stuff, listen to him.”
~ Anne and David Lamb, Vancouver

”Dan & Neha are amazing. They are excellent negotiators and everything that realtors should be. They have helped us in the purchase and sale of two homes and the purchase of a multi-family revenue property. They have been fantastic. We can’t see us ever using anyone else.”
~ J & S Rodriguez

“After having one of my properties on the market for over 18 mths with four different realtors, I decided to go with Dan and his team. Within 30 days Dan presented us with a private, overseas buyer who purchased the property. He made no wild promises like the others, he just got the job done.”
~ J. Morley, Vancouver

“Dan facilitated the exclusive sale of my home to a private buyer. This was a complicated transaction and involved some detailed clauses which he drafted better than my own lawyer. He is a talented professional who really cares about his clients. I have since consulted with him on other properties and he is currently in the process of selling two of my muti-family development properties.”
~ Michael Kwan, Vancouver

“Dan is a true professional and a gentleman. He helped us purchase our business and went out of his way to help negotiate our lease. We are very happy with him.”
~ Carolina Ordonez, Vancouver

“My house was on the market for over six months without an offer. It was one of many listings that my “top selling” realtor had. Other than the day of listing and then a personal call when my listing expired, my realtor had only been in contact with me through her assistant whose spoken English was terrible. By the time Dan and Neha arrived on the scene I was totally frustrated. Refreshingly, their approach was very different and most of all they were honest. They sold my house within 28 days!”
~ B. Farley, Vancouver

“From basic due-diligence to complex negotiations, Dan has always impressed me with his keen and attentive business acumen, vast knowledge and experience. He possesses outstanding customer service, sales and negotiation skills and brings integrity to all his dealings.”
~ H. Penner, Vice-President, Circadian Development , Vancouver

“Great people, knowledgeable, sincere and experienced. They even helped arrange our financing. They made the experience of buying our first home very smooth and worry free. Thanks Dan & Neha.”
~ J & C Shortridge, Vancouver

“From the moment I met Dan and Neha, I was very impressed with their knowledge and communication skills. It was a treat to deal with them, they are polished and experienced professionals who really do care about their clients. I met them at an open house and within 45 minutes of our meeting we had already written up an offer for the property they were selling. Yes, the offer was accepted!”
~ Dr Trinh, Vancouver